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For Myers, Florida is well known for having beautiful weather 12 months per year, having relaxing and beautiful beaches, having amazing golf courses, and having plenty of restaurants and spas to relax at. Due to the weather, and unlimited amount of activities that you can take part in, Fort Myers continues to be one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

Since Fort Myers is such a popular place to spend a vacation or long weekend, you may find that renting a hotel can be a bit too expensive. When looking for Fort Myers rentals, there are many different options that you will have to choose from. By considering all of the available options, you could end up saving a lot of money off of the cost of your Fort Myers rentals.

One of the best options to choose would be to take advantage of Fort Myers condo rentals. When you take advantage of a condo rental, you will end up renting the condo from an individual condo owner, as opposed to renting a room in a hotel. In many situations, renting a condo could be far more affordable than staying in a hotel.

Another advantage of Fort Myers condo rentals is that you will receive far more amenities. Condo rentals typically share many of the same amenities as a hotel, such as having a pool, fitness room, and tennis courts. However, these condos are typically much larger than a standard hotel and come with full kitchens and more beds.